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Fun for Friday: Architectural Images?

This week’s images are mostly based on architectural things, except maybe that last one.

The first image is a tall, slender white building atop a hill. The structure of the building looks as though it is twisted in a counterclockwise direction when facing it, and it gives the impression of a unicorn’s horn emerging from a hill.

The second image shows lighting on the underside of a smooth concrete bridge. The lighting is primarily blue-toned, but shifts to pink and orange under portions of the bridge. The background is a cityscape at night, with lights piercing a basically black background.

The final image is a computer rendering of some sort of latticework, which has a hexagonal/six segment base. The latticework is shown in such a way to reveal all of the small hexagonal portions and the perspective allows them to fade into showing the complete whole in the distance.

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