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What If I’m a Merfolk?: Big Fish

The new story that appears in What If I’m a Merfolk? is “Big Fish,” which is a very short flash piece. It’s told in an unusual style for me, in that it’s a first person story in which the narrator responds to unstated questions from an unseen and unheard second character. But for this story, it served to keep the story very short (just shy of 500 words).

I wrote this story during my first Drawlloween run, where most of my pieces were short flash that I finished in a single day. Coincidentally enough, this means I wrote this story exactly two years ago today, with a prompt of “serpent.” In my case, it was a lake serpent, like Nessie. And while Nessie probably isn’t considered a merfolk by most, my lake serpent sort of is. So this story fit perfectly into What If I’m a Merfolk?

You can check out “Big Fish,” two other stories, and many poems in What If I’m a Merfolk? in ebook format only!

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