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Sure Shot in Las Capas cover art!

I’ve been posting my book covers on my main page before I talk about them here, so that super fans can get a little sneak peak! But now I’m revealing the cover forĀ Sure Shot in Las Capas: The Case of the Absent Star. “Sure Shot” is the new superhero identity of Sarah Castile, who formerly operated under the name Huntsman in Europe during and after World War II. But her brother is the “official” Huntsman, so she’s adopted a new identity for her operations in Las Capas, California, a portion of Cerulean City meant to parallel the Hollywood of our world.

The book has superheroes, mystery, some noir and pulp elements, and a 1950s setting. I’m very excited to see this book, as it’s my longest contribution to the Cobalt City universe to date!

Sure Shot in Las Capas: The Case of the Absent Star will be published November 3rd in ebook and paperback formats! Pre-orders are available!

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