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September 2020 Recap

I bought my cats a stroller, because that’s the kind of cat mom I am.

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 123
Acceptances received: 2
Rejections received: 73
Stories withdrawn: 5
Resubmissions: 46
New Submissions: 2
Stories out at the end of the month: 109

My submissions felt like they were back to normal this month, but they still are falling short of some month. Some of it may be that most of my rejections were for poetry this month, and I didn’t submit as much of that as I sometimes do.

My two acceptances, however, were both poetry, both at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, which will publish them in two subsequent issues in November of this year and February of next year.

In September, I finished up two stories–one was the long-awaited third Marsh sisters story (not including their book), and the other was a poem. I was also working on getting Lady Huntsman (which is now Sure Shot in Las Capas) prepped to publish. I worked on a couple of other stories, one new (which I have a finished draft of) and one a revision (which is nearly ready). And I knocked out a couple of book reviews as well.

For October, I plan to:

  • Start 31 pieces for Drawlloween, some of which will also be finished in the month
  • Finish expanding shell
  • Write a new story (TBD)
  • Start revising asylum (the new draft story)
  • Book reviews (2)

October is my Drawlloween month, wherein I work on a piece every day in October, so I anticipate getting a bunch of new stuff started or done!


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