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Coming Soon: Sure Shot in Las Capas!

The very first time I was asked to write in the Cobalt City Universe, I looked for a corner that I could carve out as my own. I started out writing the first female incarnation of the Huntsman, one of Cobalt City’s legacy super heroes. After dabbling with some other characters, I returned to the Huntsman legacy with the second female incarnation of that character: Sarah Castile.

When World War II broke out, Sarah joined the Army Nursing Corps and went to Europe. While she was there, with her brother Matthew wearing the mantle in the United States, she took up her bow and arrows and righted wrongs in Europe. When the War ended, she stuck around to help rebuild and ferret out any remaining problems. Eventually she returned to the U.S., but it meant giving up the mantle of the Huntsman.

However, in other Cobalt City writing I’d done, I developed a “sister city” of Cerulean City, California. Though geographically, it’s around the area of San Diego, I decided to make it the Hollywood of the Cobalt City Universe, at least in another era. And thus, Las Capas, California, one of the neighborhoods of Cerulean City, was born.

I wanted to write Sarah Castile as a post-World War II spy, but after doing a little bit of research, I instead decided to make her a private investigator in Las Capas. And after some fantastic ideas from my beta readers, I’ve also given her a new super hero identity. Her first stand-alone adventure is Sure Shot in Las Capas: The Case of the Absent Star, which will be published by DefCon One Publishing in early November!

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