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Out Today: Unfixed Timelines 2!

Unfixed Timelines 2 is out today, with six short stories, one poem, and seven essays about the real history that inspired each of the stories!

This volume of stories includes:

  • “Nochnaya Serenada” (reprint) and an essay about the history of the Night Witches
  • “Have You Seen Him?” and an essay about the historical connections between crossroads deals and music
  • “The Actor-Observer Effect” and an essay about early anthropology and ethnography
  • “All That Transpires Under the Night Sky” (reprint) and an essay about magical organizations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • “A Balance of Power” and an essay about Victorian-era sex workers
  • “Parcel Post” (reprint) and an essay about mailing children
  • “The Dauphin and the Duchess” (poem) and an essay about popular history versus real history

The majority of these stories are on the darker side of things, with the exception of “Parcel Post,” which is all ages friendly.

You can get Unfixed Timelines 2 in ebook format!

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