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When you’re new to the world of poetry, there are a ton of forms of poetry that people talk about, either extolling the virtues of a specific form, or talking about how much they hate another specific form. But even if you’ve read a lot of poetry before you start writing it, a lot of those forms, and the rules behind them, aren’t immediately recognizable.

My go-to source for information on poetry forms is Writer’s Digest’s List of 100 Poetic Forms for poets. There areĀ  forms that aren’t listed here, but it’s a good, broad swath of many forms of poetry, with short summaries of the rules (or lack thereof) and typically an example of that form of poetry (and often additional examples in the comments). I have found one or two forms here that have some unwritten rules that are not included, but in general, if you find a form here and do a little more searching online for that form, you may be able to tease out some of those unwritten rules.

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