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Unfixed Timelines Lineup Confirmed!

I’ve written and revised the essays for Unfixed Timelines 2, so I now feel pretty confident telling you about what this collection will include. The order remains to be determined, but the stories and essay topics are:

  • “Nochnaya Serenada” (reprint) and an essay about the history of the Night Witches
  • “Have You Seen Him?” and an essay about the historical connections between crossroads deals and music
  • “The Actor-Observer Effect” and an essay about early anthropology and ethnography
  • “All That Transpires Under the Night Sky” (reprint) and an essay about magical organizations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • “A Balance of Power” and an essay about Victorian-era sex workers
  • “Parcel Post” (reprint) and an essay about mailing children
  • “The Dauphin and the Duchess” (poem) and an essay about popular history versus real history

Unfixed Timelines 2 isn’t available for pre-order yet, but it will be in a few more weeks, with a planned release date of September 15th! In the meantime, you could check out Unfixed Timelines!

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