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Comic Review: The New Brighton Archeological Society, Book 1

We picked upĀ The New Brighton Archeological Society, book 1 because a) it had an airship on the cover, b) cute kids having adventures, and c) archaeology (which I insist upon spelling with the extra “a”, even if the book does not). It primarily came through on points a and b, with not much archaeology to speak of directly. The airship was not just a ruse, and the kids were super cute and had some great adventures. There are goblins and faeries and other weird things, plus family legacies for both pairs of siblings.

This is definitely a great comic for middle grade kids, though some younger and older kids might also enjoy it. The art style is very cartoon-like throughout (and this comic would probably make a fantastic animated show, too). I enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel like I was chomping at the bit for more when I got to the end. And since my comics piles are still towering, I will likely not read more of this series.

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