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The Shared World of Denizens of Distant Realms

I wrote all of the stories forĀ Denizens of Distant Realms independently of one another, and over a series of years, but as I wrote some of the later stories, I thought about the elements of each of them and realized that they could very well have taken place in the same world. There’s magic in several stories, with witches, demons, dragons, and merfolk, but none of the bits of magic contradict each other.

The one place where the line between the stories is the thinnest is between “Catch” and “Stormbringer.” If you look closely at the names in those stories, you’ll see that the naming patterns are similar between the two stories. This was 100 percent intentional on my part to make these two stories linked in a subtle way. I wasn’t able to carry that naming pattern through all of the stories (some of which had already been published by the time I had this idea), but I liked the idea of linking two of my stories together in such a fashion.

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