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Comic Review: Air vol. 1

I’ve had a little time to start dipping back into my unread graphic novels stacks (yes, plural), so I’ll be reviewing a handful of them here on my blog.

The first one I tackled was Air volume 1, which is written by G. Willow Wilson (perhaps better known for her Ms. Marvel run, which I love). This series involves an airline stewardess with a deep-seated fear of flying. She gets drawn into a conflict between a group that is ostensibly protecting the skies from terrorists and a group that opposes them. Why would anyone oppose a group that opposes terrorists? That’s where it gets complicated.

The storyline has a lot of hidden world aspects to it, which I found to be pretty neat, but ultimately, I didn’t find myself strongly attached to the characters or the plot. I also found the art style to be such that I could identify most of the main characters, but there was one character that I had trouble telling if some close-up shots were supposed to be of them, or just someone who looked similar to them. Coupled with the plot, that made portions of the story hard to follow.

I think there’s a pretty good chance that this series is slow to start, and that it might get better in the later compilations. But this was one we picked up because it was G. Willow Wilson, and I just don’t love it as much as I love her writing on Ms. Marvel. We’ll probably skip the rest of the series.

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