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What I’m Reading, Watching, and Listening To, Late March and Early April 2020

Clip art of headphones, TV screen, and cat reading a sheet of paperReading: I just finished The Sparrow in Hiding by J. Kathleen Cheney (review to come soon), and the next in my “stack” is The Witches of St. Petersburg by Imogen Edwards-Jones, so I’m just all about the fantastical Russian stories right now!

Watching: We’re surprisingly not watching a whole bunch right now, largely driven by the fact that if I’m going to watch something, I want extremely light and fluffy. So we watched some Steven Universe one night, I watched a bit of Reign when I didn’t sleep well one night, and we watched Daybreakers recently, but mostly we’ve just been playing video games rather than watching shows.

Listening To: The K-pop industry hasn’t had much new out in March, which I can only assume is tied to COVID-19 there. But there are a few new things coming soon from a couple of my faves, so I should have new music soon! My latest purchase was to finally buy a 2NE1 album, since I knew and liked most of the songs on it.

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