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“Drink Me” in Heroes of Necessity

Cover art for Heroes of NecessityWhat happens when you mash up Spring Break in Cabo with Alice in Wonderland and a weird ability? You get “Drink Me,” one of my short stories included in Heroes of Necessity.

I’m not sure which of the various ideas that I threw together for “Drink Me” came first, but I suspect it was the weird ability–seeing things as they will someday be, not as they currently are. When it’s applied to buildings, it’s creepy enough. But when it’s applied to human beings? What would you do if you could see how someone was going to die? Especially if you also realized that death was coming quicker than expected? That’s the problem Kirsteen faces, and all because she let her curiosity get the better of her.

If this sounds like the sort of of superhero story that appeals to you, check out Heroes of Necessity. It’s in ebook format only, but it’s available here!

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