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Future Stories in the Brass and Glass World?

I recently received a review on book three of my Brass and Glass trilogy in which the reader was hopeful that I would someday return to this world and write some more. While at the moment, I see Brass and Glass as a completed series, that doesn’t mean I’m against writing shorter fiction set in the same world, maybe including some or all of the same characters.

But I’m always curious to hear what other people would like to see in stories. There are a couple of things that get brought up throughout the series that some have said would make good or fun short stories (a handful of things from Athos and Svetlana’s shared past, in particular, which would be fun, but might not work great as stand-alone stories). Thus far, though, I haven’t come up with any ideas for stories that must be told, that could serve as a great way for new readers to get into the world of Brass and Glass. If you’ve got any thoughts on the subject, please let me know what you think I should write about!

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