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The Brass and Glass Series

I’m very proud of the Brass and Glass series because it’s a series. Most of what I write outside of the Cobalt City universe is stand-alone, so it doesn’t require a lot of double-checking and cross-referencing of what I’ve written before. For this series, I kept track of places and people and things so that the whole series works well together. (I had assorted post-it notes with information about ship parts and how the controls worked on The Silent Monsoon, among other things.)

If you like steampunk, action and adventure, or the Firefly TV show, there’s likely something for you to love in the Brass and Glass series. All of the books are available as ebooks or in print, so check them out!

Brass and Glass: The Cask of Cranlimmering

Brass and Glass 2: The Long-Cursed Map

Brass and Glass 3: The Boiling Sea


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