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Setting Goals for 2020

Now that it’s 2020, it’s time to start looking at my writing goals for this coming year!

Top of my list for this year is looking for an agent. I’ve got a young adult book that is pretty close to being ready to query agents with, so that’s going to be at the top of my list! This will be the third book that I’ve queried, and I’ve learned a lot from those other searches (particularly in relation to book lengths and topics and such). I’ve got a good feeling about this one!

I’ve also got a Lady Huntsman mystery novella that’s nearly done, which needs to go through revisions, then go to some beta readers, and then some more revisions. This will probably be one for self-publishing, since it’s tied in with the Cobalt City universe.

I’ve also got plans to write three new books and start on a fourth, plus revise two of those books. The theoretical books are (in order): a middle grade mystery, a sci-fi comedy, and the first two books in a young adult series (because apparently I can’t leave series alone).

On the short story front, I’ve slowed my schedule down a bit, and I’m hoping to write 14 new short stories this year, or just a bit more than one a month. I’m also planning on doing a couple of flash fiction contests that will get me 8 pieces of flash. I’ll probably write sporadic poetry, and I definitely plan to do Drawlloween again. I may also do Write Like You’re Alive, if it happens in 2020. Those things are less quantifiable, though they’re theoretically 31 pieces for each of the two months.

Even though¬†Mad Scientist Journal is closing their doors in late March, I’ll be continuing to review books. Those reviews will start being posted here in April. There will be about 18 books I review this year, possibly more!

I’ve also got plans to publish two themed short story collections of my own stuff. One will be Cobalt City related, and the other will be the second volume of¬†Unfixed Timelines. I’m waiting for rights to revert and working on other related things for both of those collections very soon!

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