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Out Now: “A Pale Imitation”

I’ve got a second new story out recently: “A Pale Imitation” is included in The Twofer Compendium, an anthology of stories about twins. There are 36 stories on that theme included in the anthology, which sounds like a great read!

The twins in my story are Soledad and Marisol Lopez, the twin sisters who double as Celadon Cyclone, a legacy superhero in Cerulean City. They’ve both got weather control powers, and they choose to both be Celadon Cyclone so that they can each do their own thing when they want, or so they can both face a bigger threat together.

Amusingly enough, this is my second Cerulean City story out this month, after “A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy.” But while that story told part of the backstory of the villain from “Happily Never After,” “A Pale Imitation” is the story of the daughters of one of the heroes in the same story, who at that point is going by Celadon. There are more Cerulean City stories in the works, both with and without connections to Cobalt City. You can read these stories in any order, but chronologically, “A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy” takes place about 20 years before “Happily Never After” (which is firmly set in 1998), and “A Pale Imitation” takes place in the present day (2018, when I wrote it, or 2019).

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