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“Fixer-Upper” now out! (Plus a haiku!)

Cover art for the Young Explorer's Adventure Guide vol. 6, featuring a blue-eyed young person in a space suit on a purple starry backgroundMy latest story in the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide series of anthologies is out now. This year, I’ve got another sci-fi story in the anthology, called “Fixer-Upper.” It’s a post-apocalyptic story about sisters trying to follow their dreams. In spite of the post-apocalyptic setting, it’s a fairly upbeat story with people making the best out of a bad situation. The protagonists are older teenagers, but the story is appropriate for anyone from kids through adults!

This is my fourth story in this anthology series, and I always love the cover art. It’s super exciting to get my copy in the mail and enjoy the other stories in it, too!

I’ve also got a haiku published in the first issue of Frozen Wavelets. You can find me in the “Sparse Wavelets” section, with other very brief poems!

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