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“A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy” out now!

My flash fiction piece, “A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy,” is now out from Flash Fiction Magazine! And though it may not be entirely apparent if you read this story alone, this story is Cobalt City adjacent!

I came up with the character of Gray Dawn thanks to online friends and a cool pair of leggings I bought. She’s a former pop diva from Cobalt City with sound powers, now in her 40s. I wrote a story featuring her and Ruby Killingsworth (star of Rites and Desires) called “Comeback Tour” (which hasn’t been published yet). But another story, set earlier in Gray Dawn’s career, “Happily Never After,” has her mall concert in Cerulean City (California) crashed by a villain named Doctor Ruthless. And “A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy” is Doctor Ruthless’s backstory!

If you’ve got the option to do so, I definitely recommend reading “Happily Never After” first, and then following it up with “A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy“. Both are available to read online for free!


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