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My GeekGirlCon 2019 Haul

GeekGirlCon was this past weekend, and while I didn’t bring home TOO much stuff, I did have a couple of awesome things I picked up!

The fabric from Fireside Textiles is destined to become a young gamer’s first dice bag, picked out especially for them. They had so much other AMAZING fabric that I wanted, but I restrained myself and only got enough fabric for the specific project.

The pink glittery pin was a purchase from Tanya DePass, who was one of the panelists for the GMing for Beginners panel I moderated. She’s an awesome person and gamer who’s been doing this for a little longer than me, and it was wonderful to get her insight on the topics we talked about.

The wand (which is dimly purple, though it’s a little hard to see that) is from The Hungarian Wand Shop. They were directly across from DefCon One Publishing in the vendor’s room, which made it really hard for me to resist picking up a new wand and a wand holster (which is basically the most awesome invention ever, and of course I got it in Ravenclaw colors). I went over during one of their rare lulls in activity and eyeballed the selection, then picked up this wand first. I tried out a couple of others, but I kept going back to this one. The wand really does choose the wizard! (And the tiny vial is how they provide your wand’s “core.” Mine is unicorn tail.)

In addition to the awesome stuff, we also had an awesome time selling books, seeing cool cosplay, and meeting fantastic people. I got to say hi to a lot of vendor friends and other folks I know, and we helped out some beginning GMs with our panel. It’s one of my favorite conventions every year, and the energy is always so refreshing! So even though I come home with sore feet and muscles (books are really heavy, even with a dolly), my heart is always happy after GeekGirlCon!

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