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October 2019 Recap

No, I have not adopted another cat. This is the cutie I catsat for in October.

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 164
Acceptances received: 4 (+5)
Rejections received: 80 (+5) (+1)
Stories withdrawn: 3
Resubmissions: 89
New Submissions: 5
Stories out at the end of the month: 163

October was a much more typical month than September was, in that I didn’t finish a whole slew of poems and start sending them out into the world. Instead, I had pretty normal looking numbers. I sold two poems, “The Lovers Across the Strait,” which has been published by Star*Line, and “He Who Is in the Place of Embalming,” which will be published next year. I also sold two stories, one of which I’ve signed the contract for. “Swift Vengeance,” a flash piece, will appear inĀ The Weird and Whatnot in March 2020. The other story doesn’t have a contract yet, so I’ll hold off on announcing that. The other five acceptances in October are for poems I wrote as part of the August challenge, which I didn’t count toward my submission numbers. But nonetheless, five of my poems will be appearing in an anthology with other participants in the challenge, and I’ll post more about that when I have the information!

For the weird parenthetical notes after the rejections, those were five pieces for which the markets did not respond, and one market that went on hiatus and returned stories. The three withdrawals were for poems that were sim-subbed at the time they were bought, so I pulled them from the other markets. The five new subs were two flash, one short story, one poem, and a novella.

This October, I did Drawlloween again, though I focused on poetry instead of prose. There was one day I started a short story, and a few days I missed due to being overly busy with other projects, but I still finished 22 poems, and have 3 more to complete soon, along with that short story. So 26 out of 31 isn’t bad!

I didn’t finish “science!,” but I did finish “pockets” and revised my flash piece (and another one). I also finished the revisions on briar and decided to revise wasteland (which was the novella I finished).

In November, I need to revise and start submitting my poems from October, outline my next novel (codename: “beagle”), write the first draft of a short story (codename: “boats”), and write some flash and reviews and other assorted things. Nothing too onerous, because November starts my busy season for craft shows, which almost always correlates to a decrease in writing.

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