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Fun for Friday: What 3 Words

WordsI’ve seen the what3words website pop up a few times, but one of my author friends posted about using the three words associated with a given location as a writing prompt for microfiction, and I think it’s a fantastic idea! The premise behind what3words is that they’ve assigned three words to every 3 meter square across the entire world. You can enter an address and it will show you three of those words, and then, if the location is a larger space, you can click around on other nearby 3 meter squares to find a different set of three words.

Maybe you’ll look at the place you grew up or the place you live now. I can look up the park where I got married, and almost pinpoint the exact spot where I said my vows, and find the words associated with that spot to base a story on! Whatever spot you pick, you’ll have three words to work with! Use them all, or just some, but have fun!

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