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Every Hero Needs a Villain

Cover art for Sparx & ArrowsWhen you’re writing super hero stories, it’s also important to have good villains to send your heroes up against.

In Sparx & Arrows, there are all sorts of villains for the heroes to face. When her father is down for the count, Eleanor Castile goes up against a mad scientist (engineer, really) who’s constructed killer steampunk ex-President automatons that are helping him with his nefarious plans. Sarah Castile, many years later, fights Nazis and Russians in Europe, in the interest of rescuing another scientist. Kara Sparx fights a possessed Ferris wheel as part of a villainous carnival, and enemy mecha under the control of her alternate universe counterpart’s rival. And finally, when Kara Sparx teams up with Marcus Castile, the modern day Huntsman, they again are dealing with robotic ex-presidents and a villain with a connection to both their families’ pasts.

If lots of scientific villains (plus a villainous carnival) sound like your sort of bad guys, check out Sparx & Arrows!

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