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“Hashtag TPE” out now!

Students on a campus tourBroken Eye Books has begun posting the stories in It Came from Miskatonic University to their Patreon, and my story, “Hashtag TPE,” is available now! It’s the story of a campus tour leader trying to keep all of her charges alive (and get them to enroll) during a tour of the Miskatonic University campus.

This is my fourth trip into the Lovecraftian universe, though this is the first time I’ve written a humorous story set in that universe (my other three all verge on horror, as they involve the King in Yellow). This was a fun little story to write, and I hope you’ll like it too!

If this story piques your interest, theĀ It Came from Miskatonic University anthology will be out later this year with more stories set at a Miskatonic University where at least some of the characters are in on the existence of the mythos!

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