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Heroes of Necessity: Running in Seattle

Fake marathon sticker with 0.0 miles and "I Don't Run" listedI got the idea to write “Origin Story” while I was driving behind a car with multiple marathon stickers plastered across its back end. Seeing all of those stickers made me think what Seattle would be like if the zombie apocalypse hit. Would we get fast zombies simply because there are so many runners in this city?

Much like Satchel, the protagonist of my story, I’m not a runner. If Seattle wound up with in a zombie apocalypse where the zombies kept the physical skills of their living bodies (uncommon, but not unheard of), I’d be easy zombie food. For my story, though, my protagonist didn’t have to wind up with the same fate I’d end up with, and in fact, perhaps the zombie apocalypse incidentally gave her the edge she needed!

If this sounds like a the sort of story that you’re interested in, you can find “Origin Story” inĀ Heroes of Necessity (with three other stories of unconventional heroes) or in its original publication, the January 2016 issue of Black Girls Magic Lit Mag.

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