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May 2019 Recap

Me in 2003, with darker hair, paler skin, and wearing all black

My best friend unearthed old photos of me as a baby goth

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 74
Acceptances received: 4
Rejections received: 48 (+5)
Stories withdrawn: 1
Resubmissions: 68
New Submissions: 5
Stories out at the end of the month: 87

May was a HUGE month for submissions and acceptances. I received four acceptances, which is the most I’ve ever received in a single month! I’ve signed three of the contracts, so I can say that I will have a sci-fi story, “One-Tenth,” appearing in the Eastern Iowa Review, a fantasy story touching on Scandinavian mythology, “Follow My Lead,” appearing in Truancy, and a podcast version of a humorous fantasy flash piece, “The Sky Rock,” at The Centropic Oracle. I’ll save the other announcement for after that contract is signed.

The +5 on the rejections this month are for one story that was submitted to a contest and didn’t advance beyond the first round, and four poems that were submitted at a market that went out of business. And I had one story that I withdrew from an unresponsive market.

I finished up five new pieces in May, which were two poems and three stories. The three stories were all finishing things up from Drawlloween–I’m almost done finishing all of those stories that I started last October–and included yokai, rats, and skeleton.

My submission numbers have been steadily increasing because of the wonder of submitting poetry simultaneously and in blocks of generally three to five poems. This is still sort of new and experimental to me, but I’m having fun with the poems I’ve written!

For my May plans, I ended up shelving Wasteland for the time being, as it seems to need a pretty substantial reworking. I finished up the Lady Huntsman book outline just in time to start writing that this week. I got through all of my short story and poetry writing tasks, and also managed to finish up an additional first draft for “thing”. And I got some books reviewed.

For June, I need to:

  • Write the first 8 chapters of the Lady Huntsman book.
  • Revise/expand a couple of older stories
  • Revise and submit rock and thing
  • Finish first drafts of alien and hunter’s moon
  • Start first draft of toad
  • Review one book and read another

My schedule is a little wibbly this month, with a convention mid-month and the Locus awards at the end of the month. But otherwise, it looks like business as usual!


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