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Site Recommendation: Medieval Fantasy City Generator

Randomly generated medieval cityIf you’re in need of a randomly generated medieval fantasy city for writing or gaming, check out Medieval Fantasy City Generator. I could easily lose HOURS playing around with all of the functions here–I’m particularly in love with the “Warp” feature right now, which lets you do weird things like extend the city out into the water or make the castle even bigger!

The city pictured here is one that I didn’t mess around with–just generated a small city to see what I’d get. But I can absolutely see playing around with this being a great way to generate interesting ideas for your fantasy world, too. Like “why are the slums partially in the water? Do people have to build houses on stilts because there’s nowhere else for them to live? Or are they semi-aquatic?” I definitely anticipate using this the next time I need a city structure, even if it’s just for a short story!

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