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Lady Huntsman in Cobalt City

Cover art for Sparx & ArrowsOne of the concepts I introduce in my stories in Sparx & Arrows is that of the Lady Huntsman. In the Cobalt City Universe, Huntsman is a legacy superhero–a mantle that’s been handed down almost exclusively in the male line of one of Cobalt City’s founding families. Note the almost. Whenever I hear a qualifier like that, I want to find the exceptions to the rule.

The first story I wrote involving a young woman stepping into the role of the Huntsman was “Daddy’s Little Girl,” set in 1890s Cobalt City. In this story, the Huntsman is injured, and while he wants his brother to take up the mantle while he’s out of commission, instead his daughter takes on his role for a short period.

The other Lady Huntsman had a bit more of a background for me to work with. During World War II, Sarah Castile went to Europe as a nurse, and while there, fought crime as the Huntsman. Her brother was still in the U.S. as the Huntsman, but in a time of war, more than one was needed. After the war, Sarah stayed in Europe, continuing on as Lady Huntsman. This version of Lady Huntsman appears in “Red Scare” in Sparx & Arrows, but also in “Nochevieja,” which is only available in Cobalt City Christmas: Christmas Harder.

Sarah will also be appearing in my first Cobalt City novel, which I will be writing in the very near future. I’m still in the early planning stages for this novel, but it will be set in the late 1950s or early 1960s in a California not too different from the one of our past, but with Lady Huntsman taking center stage in Tinseltown!

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