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Getting the Science and Fantasy Right

Illustration of two trees, one in silver with a flower at the center, and one in gold with a fruit at the centerFor a long while, I didn’t write much science fiction because I’m not a scientist, and a lot of science concepts just don’t stick well with me. So it was easier to write fantasy and just use magic as the explanation for a lot of things.

But I like science fiction, and I wanted to write more of it, so I had to start doing some research and finding articles that broke down the concepts into ideas that I could wrap my head around more easily. (Writing most of the posts forĀ Mad Scientist Journal‘s Strange Science feature also helped a lot with this.)

If you’re looking for additional help with getting the science in your sci-fi right (and also the details of your fantasy correct), check out Science in Sci-Fi, Fact in Fantasy. Here, you’ll find articles by scientist, historians, and more, writing about getting those details right in your writing!


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