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Show Recommendation: The Umbrella Academy

Cover art from The Umbrella AcademyIf you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably seen people raving about The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. And I have to say, all the raving is justified.

I haven’t read the comic books, but I’ve heard from people who have that they’ve done a good job in the conversion from comics to live action. And seeing as I love pretty much everything about the show so far, I think I’d love the comics too (in my copious spare time).

I have two favorite parts. One is Robert Sheehan playing a character he was born to play. The other is the music. I’m NOT a My Chemical Romance fan. In fact, I’m like an anti-fan. I don’t like Gerard Way’s voice. But as a musical director, he’s phenomenal. Every song that’s in the show is pitch perfect for where it’s used and how it’s used. Much like how Gotham used the architecture as an additional character, for The Umbrella Academy, the music is an additional character that really rounds things out in the most brilliant way.

So if you’ve somehow MISSED hearing about The Umbrella Academy, you should check it out. (Though as a warning, it’s got some violent bits, including torture. That’s probably the most objectionable part, and it’s why I’ve warned one friend away from it. But that’s because I know what she likes to avoid.)


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