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Comic Recommendation: The Sun and Wayward Wind

Cover art for The Sun and the Wayward WindBack in 2017, I posted about an awesome looking Kickstarter on Mad Scientist Journal for The Sun and the Wayward Wind from Dandelion Wine Collective. It’s a comic anthology featuring myths and legends, some of which are reimaginings of traditional myths and some of which are new creations.

I finally got around to reading it, because my unread comic stack is a thing that haunts me in the hallway, and it’s a fun book! It’s very different from traditional comics, in that this is a collection with sixteen comic creators and nine illustrators. Some of the comics are just a single image, sometimes without any words. (There’s even a longer comic that’s done completely wordlessly.) A good number of them are related to American myths and legends, but there are some from other parts of the world as well.

I wasn’t able to track down where you can get a copy of this book, but if anyone finds a way, let me know, and I’ll update this post! (There’s mention of an online store, but it doesn’t seem to be active.)

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