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Quiet Moments of Heroism

Cover art for Heroes of NecessityHeroes of Necessity is a collection with a lot of quiet moments. These stories aren’t knock down, drag out fights between people in capes and spandex. Instead, the stories focus on discoveries of powers and new applications of powers, and using those powers to fix things without necessarily fighting them.

In “Fortissimo Possibile,” Leila argues with her daughter Asha, but it’s a shouting match between a mother and her teenage daughter, both of whom have their emotions running high about Asha’s new-found powers. But by the end, the world is quiet and peaceful again. In “Origin Story,” Satchel does everything in her power to avoid fighting, because just one wrong step might turn her into zombie food. In “Drink Me,” the closest Kirsteen comes to fighting someone is a struggle to rescue a drowning man. And in “Army of Me,” despite the militant title, Molly fights using the power of computer programming.

It’s all about quiet, everyday heroes with minor powers, which are exactly the kind of heroes I like. If that’s the kind of heroes you like too, check out the stories inĀ Heroes of Necessity!

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