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The World is Soft and Quiet

Snowy tree and parking lotWe’re in the midst of some of the heaviest snow I’ve seen since I moved to Seattle, and because the temperatures are barely climbing above freezing each day, it’s sticking around for a while, too. It basically shuts down the city because we don’t have a good infrastructure for dealing with snow, since we normally don’t get this kind of winter weather. (For a given definition of “normally.” In the twelve years I’ve lived here, we’ve had at least four winters when we’ve had a significant snow event.)

But there’s something nice about the snow, too. Soon after the snow has fallen, before it starts melting, it makes the whole world seem soft and quiet. There are few cars out, and the snow muffles a lot of their noise. You can stand outside and just revel in the silence, at least for a little while. (Then you discover your rain boots have very little insulation, as they’re not actual snow boots.)

It’s also nice to look at through the window with the white coating the nearby trees, like the one in the photo. For me, it’s a peaceful, calming effect, that lets me forget about some of my larger worries and focus on my writing for a while.

If you can find a similar sort of scenery that puts your mind at ease, it might allow you to increase your focus for a while. And if it’s not the sort of scenery you have in your locale on a regular basis, finding photos of that sort of scenery for times when you need to focus can be a wonderful trick!

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