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New Mad Scientist Journal Kickstarter: I Didn’t Break the Lamp!

Cover art for I Didn't Break the LampMad Scientist Journal (where I’m a co-editor) is currently running the Kickstarter for our sixth anthology! I Didn’t Break the Lamp: Historical Accounts of Imaginary Acquaintances, will be an anthology of stories about imaginary friends, things that go bump in the night, monsters under the bed, and other figments of an imagination. We’re hoping for a creepy and cute collection of stories told from the perspective of people who have interacted with an imaginary acquaintance, whether that’s a friend, an enemy, or somewhere in between.

The Kickstarter runs until February 28th, and in addition to the book, it’s a way to get your hands on a custom made crocheted monster, crafted by yours truly! So check it out!


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