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Winter Reads: Rites & Desires

Cover art for Rites & DesiresDo you prefer your leading ladies both wicked and lovable (even if they wouldn’t call themselves lovable)? You might just adore Rites & Desires by Amanda Cherry. Set in the Cobalt City Universe, this book is the first in that universe to feature a villain as the protagonist, and Ruby Killingsworth is the best kind of villain. You’ll find yourself delighting in her wickedness and rooting for her, and then suddenly realize you’re cheering for the ruthless record executive.

Rites & Desires also includes some of the other Cobalt City heroes, particularly Stardust, who becomes Ruby’s love interest over the course of the book. It’s a whole different side of Cobalt City’s most iconic hero and all-around Boy Scout! You can pick up Rites & Desires on Amazon in ebook or print formats! It’s a great gift for yourself or someone who’d like to read a different side of super heroes!

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