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Another Adventure!

Bicyclists on the Katy TrailI’m off on another adventure this week! As I mentioned last week, I’m accompanying my mom and sisters on a bike ride across the state of Missouri, though I’ll be in the vehicle, not on the bike. I’m doing a little work for the day job throughout the week, but I’m also going to take advantage of a lot of free time to do a lot of writing! I’ve charted out the public libraries along the route where I can hole up for a few hours at a stretch, soaking up the free wifi and getting some work done, without being so far from my family that I can’t get to them quickly in an emergency. I’ll be sure to photo document those too, since at least a couple of them are going to be in historic buildings!

I’m also hoping for gorgeous autumn leaves and lots of wine. Because wine is what my family does. 🙂


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