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Brass & Glass 3!

Last week, I sent off the manuscript for Brass and Glass 3 to my editors at Razorgirl Press. There will still be a lot of work to do before it’s published, but for a little while, it’s out of my hands and in the hands of those who are ultimately its first readers!

Getting this off my plate is equal parts an enormous relief and a bittersweet thing, because book 3 is the last book of this series. There’s still a very strong possibility that I’ll write other things set in this world, possibly even with these characters, but in a lot of ways, their big story is ending.

I’ll post more about the book as we move forward with revisions and publication. But for now, join me in raising a glass of the beverage of your choice to say farewell (for now) to the crew of The Silent Monsoon and their myriad friends, allies, and even some of their frenemies. (If you would like to be thematically appropriate, the recommended beverage is a long-aged, smoky whiskey.)

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