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Comic Book Round Up: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel graphic novel coversMy comic book reading this past week has been exclusively Captain Marvel. And thus we have a tale of two series.

Captain Marvel, Vol. 2: Down (2013)

I read the first book in the 2013 run of Captain Marvel, In Pursuit of Flight, a while back, and I recall having enjoyed it. My experience with Down wasn’t as good, unfortunately. Some of the art style changed for the worse, and the book ended on a cliffhanger.

But these were the only two Captain Marvel titles for this run! What happened next?

Turns out, if you’re reading this one in the trades/graphic novels, you have to jump over to The Avengers for the conclusion of this arc. And the trade that concludes the arc brings in some other Avengers-related stuff, in addition to the Captain Marvel stuff. And the artist that I didn’t really like is the artist for the Captain Marvel stuff. So I said no thanks, and moved on from this series.

Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster MoreCaptain Marvel, Vol. 2: Stay FlyCaptain Marvel, Vol. 3: Alis Volat Propriis (2014-2015)

The next run of Captain Marvel IS self-contained, and wound up being much better than the first run, in my opinion. In this run, Captain Marvel spends most of her time in space, helping out alien refugees and teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to deal with Starlord’s jerk of a dad. As a note, this is not the same Starlord’s jerk of a dad as in the MCU, and the outcome is not the same as Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2. Overall, this run is a nice mix of Captain Marvel dealing with her life on earth as well as her life among the stars, and it balances both funny and poignant.

I’ve still got another run of three Captain Marvel graphic novels on my to-be-read pile, and that doesn’t even get into the Carol Corps and other things. Short version, there’s a lot of Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers stuff out there to read. Based on what I’ve read so far, I’d recommend the 2014-2015 run over the earlier run!

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