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Magical Menagerie

Cover art for Goddesses of the SeaOne of the panels I was on at SpoCon was called “The Magical Menagerie,” which I described as the panel on monsters. I introduced myself as an author who loves vampires and also “things that live underwater that want to kill you.” I shared the panel with Dorian Graves and Sanan Kolva. Our conversation was wide-reaching, talking both about the many myths and legends about magical creatures, but also about reskinning classical monsters or coming up with your own monsters.

I mentioned having written stories about numerous things that live underwater that want to kill you. Not all of these have seen publication yet, but here’s a few that have!

For the Russian vodyanoy, you can find my story “Vodyanoi” in the April 2016 Outposts of Beyond.

My story “Salt in Our Veins,” about the Greek nerieds, appears in both Fae Visions of the Mediterranean and Goddesses of the Sea, in both cases with a number of similarly themed stories.

And my story “Terpsichore,” which started out as a story about a nixie/neck (from Germanic myth), appeared most recently as a podcast at Manawaker. This is a flash piece, which means it’s a quick listen!

I’ve got other stories with mermaids, stromkarlen/fossegrim, and jengu/miengu, but those will be things for future announcements!


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