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Mini-Comic Book Reviews on my Instagram!

Thor volumes 1 and 2I’m taking a few weeks off from reviewing new books and digging deep into my TOWER of graphic novels that Jeremy has so patiently been curating for me. It’s threatening to overtake the hallway, so it’s high time for me to start working through it. (It was actually high time for me to start working through it months ago, but I finally am making myself do it.)

I may post some of my reviews here or at Mad Scientist Journal, but if you want to see my quick reviews, check out my Instagram feed. Here, I’ll be posting my mini-comic book reviews as I go through my stacks! I’ve got a lot of Marvel and indie comics to go through, as well as an enormous number of Harley Quinn graphic novels, so if any of that is of interest to you, be sure to check it out!

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