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Brass and Glass 3 is Drafted!

My novel tracking paperOn Sunday, I typed THE END as I finished up the first draft of Brass and Glass 3. There’s still a long way for it to go before it’s ready for the world, but I’m excited to have it drafted!

For some fun statistics, the first draft wound up just shy of 50,000 words, which is fairly normal for me–I draft very tightly, and then find places where my thoughts didn’t make it onto the page in the second draft. I started working on this book on April 16, and I finished it on July 29, so roughly 3 1/2 months spent on this draft. I wrote more than half of this book during my lunch breaks, a teensy bit at my mom’s dining room table, and at least a chapter while flying over half of the United States.

The image with this post is my tracking sheet for the novel. Each chapter is broken into three scenes, and I fill in a box as I finish a scene. The ones that are highlighted with yellow are the ones I wrote on my lunch break. That solid-ish block of green near the middle was the end of June into the beginning of July, which means I wrote more than half of the book in one month.

Next up, I’m taking a short break, and then spending about a month and a half on revisions before it goes off to my editors at Razorgirl Press! Then, assuming all goes well, we’ll work through more edits and have it out in the spring of 2019!

If you want to get a head start, you can find book 1 here and book 2 here!

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