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Reviving a Story

Sometimes, stories can be like the undead.

Sometimes, you start writing a story and put it away for a while.

Sometimes, you come back to that story, and realize that what you wrote wasn’t that bad.

Sometimes, you want to start working on that story again, and realize that while it’s not that bad, you have no idea where you were going with it, and even better, didn’t include any notes about your intentions in the story. Or your email. Or the handful of notebooks that you might have written something in.

(Too specific? Maybe.)

I’ve had this happen to me recently–finding stories that I’d stopped working on long ago, but I’ve recently realized that I would like to finish. The bad news is my lack of notes. But the good news is that I can take the pieces and look at them in a new way, and finish the stories in ways that my current self loves, but that my past self would have never thought of.

If you’ve got a collection of unfinished stories (or novels, or poems, or whatever), give them a look every now and then. You might find a hidden gem there that’s just waiting to be revived!

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