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Weird Stuff in Seattle

Liminal Seattle map of SeattleIf you like weird stuff and conspiracy theories and other interesting possibilities like I do, you may be just as fascinated by Liminal Seattle’s map of the strange, wonderful, unusual, and unexpected. TheĀ Seattle Times reported on this map a few weeks ago, and it’s loads of fun to poke around at it to see all of the things that people have experienced in Seattle.

My favorite is the claim that Seattle has a hellmouth. I work not too far from said hellmouth, and I can’t say that they’re entirely wrong about it. It’s an entire swath of the city that’s changed dramatically in the past 10 years, due to Amazon expansion and the subsequent changes that has wrought. It’s not quite the same as the hellmouth on Buffy, but it’s certainly something that you have to see (both before and after the change) to understand!

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