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Remembering to Celebrate

Confetti and streamersWriting can be a difficult profession because a large portion of the job involves a lot of rejection. I’ve been submitting stories for publication for since 2010. It’s taken some time to build up a large stable of stories, but I’ve got more than 60 that reached the point where they could go out on submission. And I can tell you right now, I haven’t published 60 stories total. Some of the stories may never find a home, while others only find one after years of rejection.

It’s a rough process, but it requires you to keep on doing it if you want to get anywhere. And it can definitely wear you down.

The trick that I’ve found is to celebrate the successes. This doesn’t mean to ignore your failures. You just can’t let them get to you and prevent you from moving forward. And celebrating the successes is one way to do that. Even if it’s just a little cheer to yourself, or sharing the news with a good friend, that celebration of success can be just the boost you need to go on and do the next thing, to slog through more rejection until you have another success to celebrate!


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