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And then there’s The End

The End written in the sandLast week, I talked about getting lost while writing a story. This week, I’m back to talk about endings.

Figuring out where to end a story can be tricky. I like to have my endings all tied up neatly, and I like to end things with someone saying or doing something really clever. But that’s not always the best ending.

I’ve written a number of things where a beta reader read my story and then emailed me to make sure they had gotten the whole file. “That’s it? That’s how it ends?” they would ask. And in general, the answer was yes. That may mean I’m not the most qualified person to talk about how to write endings.

I think the most important thing to remember is that you want the ending to be satisfying to your readers. You as the author should like it too, but if your readers don’t like it, it could spoil an otherwise great story.

Rather than give any suggestions, let’s talk about endings in the comments. How do your favorite stories end? Post a quote (and tell us where to find it), or paint it in broader strokes and talk about the types of endings you prefer!

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