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Norwescon General Recap

Norwescon 41Easter weekend in Seattle always means Norwescon to me! I attended a little bit sporadically the first few years I was in Seattle, but now I pretty much go every year. In many cases, we have a table for DefCon One Publishing, my Scary White Girl Designs craft business, or both businesses in the dealer’s room.

This year was my first year on panels, my first year with a solo reading, and my first year critiquing stories in the Fairwood Writers’ workshop. All of these things were super exciting! I was predominantly on the pop culture track, moderating panels on Doctor Who and Star Wars (and I would have moderated another on comic book adaptations, but we had no attendees). But I was also part of some writing-related panels, and I’ll talk more about those later this week or early next week.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. I was a little bit nervous going into my first panel, but it went smoothly, and it was pretty much smooth sailing after that. I did my reading (from Brass and Glass) before a small audience, but that actually made me less nervous than a packed house would have. And I met some awesome and wonderful new people throughout the weekend!

If I had any advice to give new authors on conventions, it’s this: GO TO THEM! It might take some time before you get really involved with things like readings and panels, but you won’t get into those things at all if you’re not already attending! It really is about who you know, and you can’t get to know people without attending!

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