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Published Poem at Liquid Imagination


Illustration by Sue Babcock, Liquid Imagination

I’ve recently had a poem published in Liquid Imagination, called “There Are Still Dragons in London, Saint George.” The website has both a text version of the poem and an audio version of the poem, the latter read by me!

It’s fitting that this poem is published now, because it’s almost exactly two years after I first had the idea and wrote the draft that became the poem. We were on the Tube, heading to Heathrow, on our last day in Europe, and something was making the gaudy fabric covering the seats look like it was breathing. I pulled out my phone and started writing. It took a little tweaking after that on my end, and then the poetry editor at Liquid Imagination suggested some additional changes that made the language really sing! So I’m really pleased to see its final form, and to have that out in the world to share.

I keep telling myself that I’m not really a poet, but I guess I am, seeing as I’ve committed poetry several times now!


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