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Things I Love: Research!

Magnifying glass on a bookOne of the things that I love most about writing is actually doing the research. Some people might think this is odd, but to me, doing research is a bit like being a detective. You’re pulling out the little pieces of information, or clues, and turning them into a story, or solving the case.

My love for research is definitely related to my training and the jobs I’ve had since I got my Master’s degree. I’ve always been in a research setting, even if that’s not what my primary job description says at the time. So there are always puzzles to be figured out, or cases to be solved. And the way we do that is by doing the research and finding the clues!

If you’re a writer who doesn’t love doing research, try reframing it in your mind as solving a case. You might find that it’s a lot more fun to do when put into that perspective!

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