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Things I Love: Inspiring Views

View from a porch with water and trees! Talk about a dream come true!Finding a good, inspirational place where you can get writing done is a dream of many authors. For me, I’d love a place with an inspiring view like this. Some trees so it’s nice and shaded, and water in the distance–this is basically my dream porch!

Sadly, while I have a window that looks out on a bunch of trees, it’s not a porch that I can sit and write on. It’s only a balcony that’s roughly a foot wide, and there’s no way to access it from our apartment. So I have to make do with photos like this one as inspirational desktop views. I’ve got another one of a little window nook overlooking the most beautiful turquoise water. There probably aren’t any outlets anywhere near it, but I would get so much writing done if that was my view!

What sort of places inspire you to get writing done? If they’re places you can’t visit often, can you find a representative photo that you could use as a desktop on your computer, or get a print made to prop up on your desk?

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