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Fun for Friday: Penguins Writing Prompt

According to our calendar from our local zoo, tomorrow (January 20th) is Penguin Awareness Day.

As my husband said, “I am aware that there are penguins.”

So am I. I have both petted and fed a penguin at our local zoo, so I can confirm that they are definitely real animals. They’re also one of my personal favorite animals. So today’s fun writing prompt is another photo, this one of a group of penguins on a beach.

Have these penguins become self-aware in advance of Penguin Awareness Day? Or are they making plans to avoid the humans who are about to become aware of their secret existence? Anthropomorphize this penguins! Give them names and personalities! Play around with whatever social structure this photo represents.

And remember. Penguins exist. Now you are also aware, so you go into Penguin Awareness Day fully prepared!

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